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Saturday, January 24, 2009

So. Inspired.

I love to be organized.

Stop laughing.

If you saw my house at the present moment, and I mean REALLY see my house, like looking in closets and drawers and storage rooms, you would have a very different opinion about my organization. I'm well below average in behind-closed-doors-home-organization.

The mantra "everything in its place" doesn't exactly work when, um, there isn't a place for everything.

A few years back, for our anniversary, Matt and I had a little bit of discretionary money to spend and a grandma to take our kids for the weekend. We had 2 choices of how to spend it: a night away at a B&B, a nice dinner, maybe a show or concert. OR, a trip to IKEA, dinner in the IKEA cafeteria (oooh, so romantic!), a host of organizational supplies, and a WHOLE DAY to ourselves, organizing our house.

Which did we choose? IKEA, of course. It was SO awesome, we had a ball, really, it was super fun, and my inner nesting need was satisfied. An added bonus? My house was 400% cleaner day-to-day after that weekend of organizing.

So it might sound like I have a nicely organized house after that IKEA trip, right?? Well, except that... we moved. We live in a new house, and I have many many areas in my house that are in need of some IKEA love.

I went to IKEA on Friday with a friend. You just never know what a whim trip to IKEA may do. In my quick tour of the first floor of IKEA, I got majorly inspired. I decided I am going to organize my:

linen closet
music studio space
girls' closet/playroom/toys (read: PURGE)
my desk
storage closet (out of season clothes)
snacks (I'll explain later)

So my first organizing adventure was to mount a coat rack on the wall at child level in our entry room. This way, when I say "please put your coat away", there is actually a PLACE to put it that they can reach.

Here's a picture of the space:

We need to get some seating for out here, it's too cold in the winter to really enjoy, but it's an awesome morning coffee room in the spring/summer/fall.

Will you join me for an IKEA adventure through my home this spring? It will probably take me all spring, but I'm determined to tackle my trouble spots one at a time.

Friday, January 9, 2009


**Edited to add: A fabulous commenter, Janelle, left me this link to clarify the new rules. Thanks, Janelle! Makes me chuckle that they "clarify" it now that everyone's mad, but didn't clarify to the LA Times and all the AP reporters who reported it before... maybe they are "clari-change-ifying" it. Haha. But I'm leaving the post up so everyone's informed. :) Here's the original post:

I'll try not to spit AT you sweet readers.

Have you heard about THIS?

Go read it first and then come back here.

Part of me wants to rant on and on about it, but I'll spare you.

Here's my cliff notes rant:

I'm MAD.
I think the government needs to get out of my business.
I cringe to think about how this is going to affect our planet (think about the landfills of used children's items that are *gasp* HAZARDOUS), our economy in the macro sense, as well as my little micro slice of the economy (to which this regulation is devastating).
I'm MAD.

I hope someone smacks some sense into these people before the regulations go into effect next month.

Go forth and be mad, ye fellow thrifters and crafters.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

She's a music video star

Corene has a penchant for taking pictures. And apparently, videos. She confiscated Aunt Dawn's camera on New Year's Eve and produced this gem.