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Saturday, February 26, 2011

365 Project, week 8

If I could post a picture of me being dragged behind the 365 project wagon, holding on for dear life, I would.
I have not fallen off completely.
I am still holding on to the hitch. :-D
02-21 Mocha Man practicing in front of the fire

02-22 Taz shoveling the lawn

02-24 2nd grade Castle project *finished product photo to come

Sunday, February 20, 2011

365 Project, week 7

02-12 The other photographer in our family taking a picture of the frozen Mississippi

02-14 My lovely Valentine's tulips!!!

02-15 Any guesses what we did this week???

02-16, 02-17, 02-18  Here's a hint :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 Project, week 6

02-05 The ol' through the legs trick

02-06 The cooks of our Superbowl snack food

02-06 Grandpa and Olivia book time :)

02-07 Something Mocha Man loves.  Well, not this exactly.. but what this makes possible. Every morning. And sometimes afternoon. Yum.

02-08 The boy's got some eyelashes.

02-09 I jumped on the "take a photo of yourself in the mirror" bandwagon.  So original.

02-11 Taz and Jillian, the "red hoodie" club, and eating pink frosted shredded wheat - ready for Valentine's day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

365 Project week 5

01-29 Some of my favorite people in all the world. Love our small group!
01-30 Ice sculpture at the Winter Carnival
1-31 Corene's violin lesson with her marvelous teacher.
2-02 The first in a series I'm trying to capture of the essence of the one I love. Episode I, the Crackberry. :)
2-03 Some cuddle/giggle time before bed.