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Saturday, February 26, 2011

365 Project, week 8

If I could post a picture of me being dragged behind the 365 project wagon, holding on for dear life, I would.
I have not fallen off completely.
I am still holding on to the hitch. :-D
02-21 Mocha Man practicing in front of the fire

02-22 Taz shoveling the lawn

02-24 2nd grade Castle project *finished product photo to come


Dawn S. said...


tiffany said...

I think I missed what this 365 day project is all about.....well, whatever it is, I like it. I like your photos. I'm so random with picture taking. For weeks i'll be totally into it and take lots of good ones....then I'll put the camera away and miss a whole lot of life for weeks in a row. This is motivating me to get it back out. And the picture of Matt reminded me of how nice it was to see you and Matt play together in church last week. Loved it!