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Saturday, March 12, 2011

365 Project, weeks 9 & 10

02-27 Homemade spring rolls
02-28 The best thing to do with a big pile of laundry
03-02 Ready for school (it's cold!!!)
02-03 Max the cat soaking in some rays
03-05 Birthday party #1 of the day.  Happy 11th, Patrice!
03-05 Birthday party #2 of the day.  Happy 21st, Yuka!!!
03-09 Going to swimming lessons!


Jenna said...

did you make that cake for yuka???

Jenny said...

yup :)
Ice Cream cake! It was SO easy and SO pretty and SO yummy!

Dawn S. said...

Recipe, please! I love how Isaac looks like he is about to sneeze in that one pic - even has a finger ready to block it!

Jenny said...

I just made the cake (cake mix) in a tube pan, cooled it, removed it from the pan, and sliced it in half horizontally. Then I put the bottom half back in the pan, put a half-gallon of softened double chocolate fudge ice cream on top, and put the top slice back on the top, smushing it down. Refreeze.
Invert and grate chocolate on top! :)