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Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 Project, week 6

02-05 The ol' through the legs trick

02-06 The cooks of our Superbowl snack food

02-06 Grandpa and Olivia book time :)

02-07 Something Mocha Man loves.  Well, not this exactly.. but what this makes possible. Every morning. And sometimes afternoon. Yum.

02-08 The boy's got some eyelashes.

02-09 I jumped on the "take a photo of yourself in the mirror" bandwagon.  So original.

02-11 Taz and Jillian, the "red hoodie" club, and eating pink frosted shredded wheat - ready for Valentine's day!

1 comment:

Dawn S. said...

1. Funny!
2. Super cute.
3. Melt my heart.
4. Love that coffee.
5. Love him.
6. Yes, very original.
7. Adorable!