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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm thinking about...

...how I CAN NOT believe it's been a month since I've updated this blog. A MONTH!!!


...dads: What an incredible relationship a Father/child relationship is. How it absolutely shapes the outlook of the child. Both positively, negatively, and neutrally. And, how no matter WHAT that father daughter relationship looks like, our heavenly father is the one who truly shapes us. And how I want to be the potter's clay in my Heavenly Father's hands.


...my dad. I'm thankful for the relationship we have today. I'm thankful for his love. He's a pretty cool dude. :)


...the father of my children - how wonderful he is and how thankful I am for him. Could I pick a better dad for the kids we've been given? Not a chance.


...something that happened to us this weekend:

On Friday I stopped by Walgreens to get something, and as we drove up, I said to Ava, "Let's get a movie from the RedBox! Wouldn't that be fun to have a movie night? It's only a dollar!".

30 seconds later, as we got out of the car, an older woman walked up to us and said, "Any chance you could spare a dollar? I'm having a bad day."

Ordinarily I don't give people money. Sometimes I buy food or whatever for them. But generally not just cash. But, you know, the timing of this was just impeccable given my previous comment "It's ONLY a dollar!". So I smiled and dug our RedBox dollar out of my wallet and gave it to the lady and said, "May God bless you, Ma'am." She said sincerely back to me, "THANK YOU. I pray you get that money back."

Now, I HAD other dollars in my wallet, but I just felt like THAT dollar was our RedBox dollar. So I told Ava that the lady needed the dollar more than we needed the movie, so we would just watch a movie that we already had at home.

I thought THAT was the end of the story.

Today, I got a kind of random email with a link to a RedBox survey. (I'm on so many junk mailing lists, you never know what might show up in my inbox). The instructions were that if you take a short (10 question) survey, you would get a promo code for a FREE Movie rental!

How cool is that?!!

I know, it's SO small. One little dollar. Silly almost.

But for me? I cried!

God cares about every. little. silly. thing. That woman said (and I QUOTE) "I will PRAY that you get that money BACK." She didn't know we were planning on getting a movie.

But God did!!



Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT story--thank you for sharing!

shana said...

Those are my favorite kind of God stories . . . I have a few like that myself! So wonderful!
Have a great week!

J mom said...

I'm bawling like a baby too! God is so good to us!

Dawn S. said...

First of all...I missed your bloggy.
Second of all...IT'S ABOUT TIME!!
Third of all...Great story!! Love it.

Lee Shelton IV said...

Cool story! Now, as John Piper might say, don't waste your Red Box dollar. :)

Sara K. said...


That was such a great example of how God works in our lives. Thanks so much for sharing that cool story. BTW--we WILL find a date here someday soon!!!


Jhon said...

WOW!... That is great story of kid. I love it,
Thanks for sharing...

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