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Friday, September 25, 2009

Moving along...

So, now that I have officially fallen off the blog wagon, I have a dilemma. Do I try to do a quick recap of the past several months or do I just move on as if I've been blogging all along?

I could do a highly caffeinated recap of the summer, all the birthdays, the homecoming of our niece Olivia (who's not really our niece, she's our cousin, but that's a whole 'nother story), our vacations, the start of school, etc.

I have had a resolution of sorts to begin blogging more regularly again now that school has started.

But, honestly, a recap overwhelms the pants off of me. So I think I'll just pretend y'all are caught up, and maybe I'll get around to talking about the summer sometime in the dead of winter when I have nothing to talk about.

SCHOOL! It is in full swing now. We love our school. Really, I couldn't be happier there, and my girls are thriving on the structure school provides. The structure that I have so failed at implementing in my home. I try, mind you... but, alas, I fail.

I am a free spirit... to me, the best days are those where you don't know what your schedule will be until after it's already done.

My Ava is similarly wired, I think. She NEVER asks what we're doing today, she NEVER needs a plan. When she's in her PJ's and I say, "Ava, let's go to the park!" She can jump up and be ready to go in a heartbeat.

Corene, as you might imagine is not wired that way. On Wednesday she asks "What are we doing on Saturday?" She's wired more like her father. "Mom, can I have a Google calendar, too? I want to write down everything I need to do so I can look at the month and know what I'm going to do."

"You're SEVEN! You do NOT need a Google calendar!!"

But she does need structure. She thrives on lists and charts. At any given time, you can find lists scattered about our house, on scraps of paper, of various things. Ideas for where to go on her date with Daddy. Possible games to play with the neighbors when they come home. Name ideas for her newest stuffed animal recently acquired from a garage sale.

OK, so school. Pictures to come. Is there anything so cute as kids in school uniforms?

If you want a sneak peek, check out this post of my friend Jenna's with some pics of Corene on her first day (the Kindergartners started 2 days later, so Ava's first day pics are coming)



Anonymous said...

Cute picture. I think they look so cute in uniforms. I love uniforms because you don't have to buy to many clothes and you don't have to worry about it matching because it already does! Miss you. Hope you had a great summer. We spent the first half in San Diego. Went to the beach with Joy. I love the beach. Sigh. Love ya!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

hey!! long lost friend!!

thanks for the comment - I am glad you said it. As in, better you than me. hahahahha!