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Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're pruny

The beginning of the summer marked 3 weeks of 8:30 am swimming lessons for the girls. Lessons that paid off immeasurably, as I now have one bonafide swimmer and one thinks-she-can swimmer. The latter brand of swimmer is actually a frightening sight indeed... more dangerous than the I-can't-I'm-too-scared brand.

The first time we swam here in Colorado, being new-branded-swimmers, the following took place:

"I can swim in the deep end, Mommy, watch! WATCH!!!" Cough, sputter, sputter, choke, under the water.

SPLASH! Rescue. GASP, return to breathing.

"I've got you, sweetie, it's ok... Are you ok? You may NOT go in the deep end anymore without a noodle or kick board, ok?"

"But WHY? I can SWIM!"


Swimming has been the most frequent activity here in the mountains. The pool is indoors, and at precisely 3:00pm every afternoon, when it starts to storm, we head inside and hit the pool.

They're jumping

They're splashing
Corene is even learning how to crawl on top of the water! This was a jump-while-you're-twisting trick, just looks hilarious.

Wonder Daddy time

What, you haven't seen any pictures of me? You think I hate cold water and am not Wonder Mommy? Well, you're right. This is my favorite place. This is the view from the hot tub!



mshel333 said...

Love it!

Dawn S. said...

Was just going to write "love it!" and saw that my MIL said the same thing! haha! but really...LOVE IT!