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Saturday, April 16, 2011

365 falling off the wagon Project weeks 12-14

Whoa!  I guess my life is nuts, this is HARD to do, people! :)

This past week, Mocha Man took a spill off a ladder, fulfilled his lifelong dream of riding in an ambulance (please hear sarcasm here!), and has been home recovering all this week. Put a little damper on my creativity, but opened up my thankfulness, perspective, and Praise to God.  All more important things than creativity. :)

Here are my photos for the past several weeks, no edits, just straight-out-of-my-camera.  :)


homemade PB!

Orchestra concert with Ava's friend Ava :)


Thrift store fun

Magnum bars!

Pantry project before

Pantry project during
Pantry project after

Found on the bathroom counter. A sure sign that spring is here.

Matt's project


Anonymous said...

Love the pics my friend. So how are you making the Peanutbutter? Just grinding the peanuts? I want to do that so it's gluten-free. Love to hear what you use.
Michelle H.

Jenny said...

The only thing you need to add in the processor with the peanuts is some peanut oil, I just eyeballed it to the right consistency.
I also put in some honey, for taste :)
It's yummy! (my kids weren't the biggest fans, but then again, if it were up to them, they'd only eat Jif. :) ). I thought it was delicious. And very easy.