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Monday, July 18, 2011

194 project

Here's a whirlwind catch-up of the last 6 weeks.  I *should* be better at this for the next few weeks, as we are in CO on vacation and one of the wonderful parts of our time in CO is that I am purposeful about my photography hobby while we are here.  And, it's such fun to share!

Como Zoo

Japanese Gardens, Como Park

Two of my girls. :)

um... yum?!!!

Seriously the best ice cream I've ever had.  (Pumphouse)


pep talk #1

pep talk #2
1st day of summer activity - Annie at the Children's Theater

Two Harbors, MN
Taz's half birthday party

Isaac IS the present.




Olivia is 3!!
4th of July sparklers
Part one of our CO trip: 

Walking to the perfect fishing spot, Taylor Reservoir

Exhibit A: Mocha Man drinking and fishing

Taylor Reservoir

Just a little wet

Ava's birthday fish :)

The best campsite ever.

The best fish ever.

Where God intended horns to be played.

What's wrong with this picture? :)


Mr.W said...

I don't see anything wrong with the picture, but Al Gore might.

mshel333 said...

Beautiful photos, as usual! Keep up the good work...they bring such pleasure to others!

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