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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, honey. You're older than me.

Matt and I met in High School. Or, actually, Jr. High. Although I don't really think that counts. I never actually talked to him in Jr. High, I don't think. And don't you have to talk to somebody to have it count as meeting them?

The first actual real interaction between us was in 9th grade. It was, shall we say... less than romantic.

Matt was a very serious musician, even back then. And I was a musician who had fallen off the band wagon -very literally. I quit band as we entered high school because I was too. cool. Band just wasn't up there on the cool meter.

I was in choir. Now, that. That was cool.

We were both involved in CYT, our local Christian Youth Theater. In 9th grade, they were doing a production of The Wizard of Oz, and all of my friends were in it. I wanted to be in it SO bad, but my parents wouldn't let me because my grades weren't good enough. I was SO upset.

BUT then the glorious call came. From Matt. He had heard that I played the flute, and he was organizing a little pit "orchestra" to accompany the musical. Would I play flute in the pit?

Several factors worked in my favor here:

1)My mom was bummed that I had quit band. She knew I was talented and really wished I would have continued to play my flute. She saw this as an opportunity to get me interested in it again (which TOTALLY worked, BTW).

2)ALL my friends were in this play, and having a social life WAS my life. If I could play, I could have a life again.

3)Matt was desperate. They REALLY needed a flute player.

My mom agreed to let me play. Oh, yay, I say, that day.

During the rehearsals, there were many many times where the pit orchestra needed to practice (Imagine that? They needed to practice at a rehearsal??!! Whatevah)and... Jenny was... nowhere to be found... I was off... talking to my friends!! Shocker, I know. Matt would have to go track me down and drag me off to the rehearsal.

I went home and told my mom, "ALL Matt EVER wants to do is PRACTICE!! He is SO BOSSY!"

Matt went home and told his mom, "ALL Jenny EVER wants to do is talk to her FRIENDS! She is such a FLAKE!"

Can't you see the love story in the making??

HA! They say opposites attract. We're pretty much totally opposite in personality.

He is THE most hard working man I know (affectionately known in our friend/family circles as the Energizer Bunny). He is diligent and dedicated, sometimes to a fault. (At least to this happy-go-lucky girl!! Ha.) He loves our children in such a way that I get teary just watching them with him. He's really amazing.

In 10 million years I never would have thought that bossy boy would some day be my sweet, amazing husband. He's changed so much, and yet, somehow, he hasn't.

His hair for sure hasn't changed. He really should offer to give some of his hair follicles to balding men.

I love you, Matt. Happy Birthday.

(You're older than me now)

(For 4 more months)

(haha haha haha)


Dawn S. said...

Yes, Happy Birthday, Splat! I remember the day you were born...I was one week shy of 6 and not allowed to go see you. The hospitals had age limits then and I was the ONLY one in the family that couldn't go see you. If this wasn't the case I wonder if I would remember that day so clearly!? haha! I know you have heard this lamentation before but I had to repeat it, and might repeat it, every birthday, for the rest. of. your. life. love you.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Happy birthday, Matt! May God continue to shower you with blessings and joy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Matt. I agree with your wife you are a great guy. I am so glad you have each other. I forgot all about that story. It made me laugh to think about that play. It is amazing how things work out.
Michelle Henson

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Matt!! Welcome to Club 32 :-)

Tiffany said...

That was sweet! So, we hung out with Matt all day on Wednesday and didn't even realize his birthday was the day before! How rude of us!!!! Happy Belated Birthday, Matt!

Tiffany said...

oh, and about those hair folicles....I know someone in MY family he can share them with. *wink* Oh, I love my hubby too. Even if he is almost hairless.