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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Last weekend, Matt and I had the. most. amazing. little getaway. Ever. Ever.

We spent 2. whole. nights. away.

My mom is the most awesome woman. She braved 3 kids for 2 days, so we could recharge.

The first night we stayed at this Bed and Breakfast:

See the tallest part? The tower? That was part of our room. It was so. cool.

This was our view:

Friday night, we just happened to have one of the most killer thunderstorms of the season with lots of lightning. So, of course, we were in the tower, watching the huge wall cloud approach us,

when the sirens started to wail. Being that we are incredibly intelligent individuals, we decided to exit the tower, which I am guessing could be blown off rather quickly in a tornado. Just a thought.

I headed down to the lobby to socialize with the innkeepers, and make sure we didn't need to take it seriously, while Matt checked the radar on the inn's computer (because it is physically painful for Matt to abstain from radar during any sort of storm).

After the sirens stopped, we headed back up, up, up to the tower and watched the lightning. Which was impressive. Really impressive.

Of all the nights for an awesome storm, we're at the top of a hill in a 4th floor tower! And, since I'm a novice but wanna-be photographer with a pretty nice camera, I lugged it up there and took some pictures!

How cool is that?? I'm totally hooked. On trying to photograph lightning. I got me some serious adrenaline rushes.

I also looked like a bonafide geek holding that camera to my eye for 45 minutes and having a complete spasm every time I saw a flash. I don't care, though... Matt is enough of a weather nerd that he didn't even laugh at me. Add that to the list of reasons I love my husband.

The next day, we went canoeing on the river, which was supposed to be easy and relaxing. When you canoe on a river, if you feel like not paddling, you're supposed to still go forward, because of the current.

Not so this day. We had wind in the 20-35mph range. Blowing directly in our faces.

So, you know that rule about going forward no matter what you do? Nope. If we stopped paddling, we went backwards. That is not the way it is supposed to be, folks.

We got a workout.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures. With the wind being the way it was, we had to weigh our chances of having the aforementioned nice camera stolen out of the car vs. the chance of our canoe being blown over and losing the camera in the river. We chose to leave it in the car, and thankfully neither event occurred.

If I had taken pictures, they would be these:

1)A very very young fawn drinking from the river along a smaller, calmer, quieter inlet off the main river. The fawn had no fear. We were within 15 feet of it and it just stood there looking at us for quite some time.

2)Ocean-like waves breaking about every 5 feet.

Ok, maybe not ocean-like. But it felt like it. There were whitecaps, ok? It was really windy.

My arms still hurt. My... umm... sitting bones... still hurt. The smart people brought little chairs to sit in. I don't fall into that category, unfortunately, and I didn't even sit on a towel. I sat on a piece of metal. Ouch.

All in all, we had a marvelous time. It was so awesome to just be Jenny. And it was great to call Matt, well... Matt.

Imagine that. Me calling him "Matt". The truth is, I call him "Daddy" a lot.

Like calling down the street where he's talking to the neighbor, when it's time for dinner, "DADDY!".

Seriously. Embarrassing.

I'm working on breaking the habit.

"Hi, I'm Jenny and I call my husband "Daddy"."

This trip was the first step to recovery.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love the pictures. I hope your sitter downer and arms feel better real soon. : )
Michelle Henson

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Dude, scary lightning!

Sweet post!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Sounds dreamy! What a perfect B&B...I can't think of a better place to watch a storm roll in. I love trying to capture lightning on film also and I know exactly what you mean about holding the camera up to your eye for 45 min. straight. Except my hubby DOES make fun of me. :)

Glad you got to get away with your honey and reconnect!

Carolina Mama said...

You did great! What a fun time for ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Kathie and I call my husband "Daddy". Should we start a new 12 step group or something?

So glad you two got away together! So necessary!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

To: My fellow weather geeks, especially Matt who shares my radar compulsion during a storm.

Re: I love you both. I was on my deck last Friday night, snapping pictures of the swirling clouds. SO COOL!

Glad you got away. Times like that are desperately needed.

chickadee said...

wow i've always wanted to get lightening shots!

Dawn S. said...

Awesome post miss awesome bloggy chick! LOVED the lightning pics! Miss the fawn pic. Sounds like a fun time, for the most part!

Tiffany said...

"if I had taken pictures, they would be these:" That was funny, Jenny. Reading your words definitely put the pictures in my mind. :) Sounds like soooo much fun! I almost said I wish I could have been there....but that would have sounded really stupid. Okay, how about "I want to go do that with my husband too soon!" hahah.

Joel said...

Jenny, Our good friends Erin and Jeremy own the B&B you stayed in. They were in our small group in 2005!