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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In the throes of Summer...

And I just can't do Foody Friday every week... I'm Foody-Burned-Out.

Don't worry, I'll do it again in August... maybe not every week though. Unless someone else has a hankering to host it...


Just one more thing before I'm off again to frolic in the sun.

Sugar is evil.

I believe that it is a product of the fall. Yes I do. I know that it tastes good. I know that it is so very yummy.


A)It is addictive.
B)It is bad for you.
C)It makes your children into monsters.

Monsters, I say. Monsters who do not have the capability of ceasing their hyena-like laughter or running around like crazy folk.

Even worse than good old fashioned sugar is the stuff they put in grape pop. What is that stuff, anyway? It absorbs into a 4 year old's bloodstream in .04 seconds from swallowing. Not to mention that the stuff tastes nasty.

And it stains.

I'm off to soak a dress in oxi-clean. And read books to my monsters.

And give a good dose of Benadryl.



Anonymous said...

I wish there was a pill to give them or at least me when they start acting crazy. I know what you mean about the sugar. I am trying to make my own snacks for the kids. So much better for you and less expensive. Good luck with your cute little monsters.
Michelle Henson

Martha said...

I also try to make homemade snacks for my daughter. Yogurt pops are pretty good and even though lots of people make fun of me, I follow the recipes from Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook "Deceptively Delicious." There are a lot of really healthy snacks in there that could pass as "junk food." My daughter's favorites are the oatmeal cookies with zucchini puree and the peanut butter banana muffins.

Annika said...

I'll host Foody Friday for a while if you would like. You might have to give me advise on using mr linky I have never done that before.
I agree, sugar is bad stuff, especially corn syrup!