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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Next year, I'm starting in June

This past Monday morning, I sat down at my email, with my latte in hand. Little did I know I was about to open an email that would change our year. It for sure changed my week.

It was an email saying that Corene had been called off the waiting list (she started at #11) for a school that was our #1 choice of a charter school for her to attend. It's close by and a very good school. There was no way we could turn it down.

Hello, heartbeat. Hello, hyperventilation. Hello paper bag. It's 9 days before school begins and we're switching schools.

Our uniforms were already purchased (new school=different plaid, different colors)

Thankfully, the uniforms were returnable.

Our school supplies were already purchased (new teacher=different supplies)

*Note: How different would you think school supplies would be from school to school?? Answer: A LOT different. We had to return almost everything (thank goodness for Target's receipt look up with your credit card!!) and purchase completely different supplies.

But, let me just say that by August 28, 99% of the children of America had purchased their school supplies. And Target only stocks enough school supplies for 98% of the children in my area.

Which means instead of Crayola classic colored pencils, Corene is bringing NEON pencils.
Instead of PlayDoh, Corene is bringing Crayola dough.

We cheated and purchased RoseArt products where Crayola (the required brand) was out.

Kindergarten supply lists of 2008 look like the supply lists for the UofM's ART101 class. Paint and modeling clay and paint shirts and sketch pads. All with specific brands required.

After trips to Target. And Michael's. And Walgreens. And Rainbow Foods. The supply list is all crossed off. Corene was my little secretary, making sure each thing was inventoried, categorized and placed in it's proper receptacle.

I almost had her make me an Excel spreadsheet.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Kindergarten was NOT like this when we were kids.

It's intense.

And we can't. wait.

All of this craziness was 100% worth it.

I am so excited for her.


Mari said...

Congrats on getting the school you wanted.

As far as supply lists, just wait 'til 8th grade. 90% of what was on my daughter's list was not on sale anywhere. Things like reinforced lose leaf paper, flash drve, white erasers. Yeah I was *not* thrilled. I'm afraid for next year. I might need to take out a loan just to buy school supplies!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Congrats! It looks like a great school. On the one hand I can't wait for Seth to start kindergarten next year - on the other....

Heather of the EO said...

WOW! Being a fellow twin cities girl I'm well aware of what this means! NOVA!!! I have heard so many good things. And have had friends wait an wait and have to move on to other schools. What a blessing.
And NO, it wasn't like that when we were in kindergarten-good grief! All I brought was some crayons, pencils and a notebook. And an occasional really rad eraser (that kind that doesn't actually erase)

Yvette said...

Oh, I am so excited for you that Corene got into NOVA. And that will be a bit closer for you too, won't it?

And except for a new tin Benji lunch box & my Sesame Street book bag, I don't remember getting ANY other supplies. I remember being so irritated with the pencils they gave us to use in class because they didn't have any erasers.

Heather of the EO said...

I realize this doesn't relate, but yes! I would love it if you would plan that bloggy get-together! Plan away! When you get time, after all the school shopping and starting and such. I really would love to meet you ladies in person.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you. We just went through the same thing. We have been running around town over the last few weeks getting uniforms and supplies for the charter school. What happened to the days when we were in school bring so crayons, paper, and an eraser and call it good. I guess that is a mark of a good school. I hope Corene really likes it and you get a break on the commute. What's not to like. So exciting.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the report about the first day tomorrow.

And re: the school supplies. I feel your pain, sister. I learned my lesson last year when I put off shopping for Natalie's first grade supplies until the week before school starts. (In my defense, we were moving to the Cities the two weeks prior.) Imagine my shock at the rows and rows of empty Target shelves.

(We really do need to play a get-together. I have some thoughts.)

Jerelyn said...

Interesting..! Well, I think you really got a nice deal at Target.