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Monday, November 10, 2008

My Brain! It is FULL!!

I could tell you about what I've been thinking about MMS (Martyr Mom Syndrome).

I could tell you about what I've been thinking about re: entitlement. That's deep. Can't go there tonight.

I could tell you how incredibly, disgustingly messy my house is right now.

And how, somehow, I don't care.

I could tell you what fabulous parents and in-laws I have and how much they bless me.

Or I could tell you about my new fun job.

Or, I could tell you that I do NOT currently suffer from Martyr Mom Syndrome and that I'm NOT going to go clean my house. I could also tell you that instead of finishing this post, I am going to go take a bubble bath by candlelight.

I guess that's what I'll tell you. I need to go empty my brain.

Catch ya later, when my thoughts aren't nice little bullet points, flying at me like I'm in a Star Wars simulator.


tiffany said...

i understand. oh, i understand.

Sara@ Butterville said...

I get it I really do. Let it out and go have your soak!
I love me some hot tub!

Jenna said...

me three! i get it. star wars simulator thoughts. yep. you nailed it.

Dawn S. said...

Love you, babe. Oh, and I had the BEST bath today!!! :)

J mom said...

Hey Bloggy friend I need help. My blog will not load completely and there is this little pop up in the middle that I can' do anything about saying "Upgrade to Pro Today! Bandwidth Exceeded Photobucket". Got any clues for me?!

Anonymous said...

I hope the bath was good Jenny. I like the MMS. I think I have been suffering from that as well. Maybe I should take a soak in the tub too! You are billiant! I love the pictures of your beautiful babes.

Anonymous said...

You are speaking my language friend! THANK YOU for the coffee card, I can't wait to use it and have a bath of my own. :o) May you be richly blessed for blessing us!

Love, Whit

Jen said...

You have been tagged!