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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Playin' catch-up

Life is so good.

Even when we're going at breakneck speed, God is gracious to me.

Even when I'm stressed (over something big, or something stupid), God gives me grace.

I'm thankful for that.

Can I tell you about my new fun thing I'm doing?? So I mentioned before that I was looking for a job, and I found it! In my basement!


We have a Mother-in-Law apartment kind of set up in the basement of our house, and my mom lives with us. She has this little Ebay business where she buys women's clothing at thrift stores and garage sales, and resells them on Ebay. So with my help, we're doubling her output of items for sale, and I have an instant job!

It's great, because I can work at whatever hours I want (often after bedtime, during naptime, video time, etc...), and it's completely flexible. It's also great because part of my job is... shopping!! Am I lucky or what??

It's not all roses and chocolates, though, because I have this thing called a Taz who happens to come with me to shop pretty often. Taz has this little habit of being a ter.ri.ble. shopper. He has learned nothing from his big sisters who, from a very young age learned the love and art of thrift store shopping.

They would sit in their little carts and eat an apple for an hour. If they got fussy, I'd hand them a hanger and they'd play with that for a while. They were just a little bit heavenly. As they got older, they would flip through the clothes, just like I do, and hold the dresses up to themselves, twirl around, and choose which ones were their favorites.

Taz? Not so much. I have discovered one trick: food. Problem is, it lasts a mere 15 minutes, and then he's bored and full. His idea of shopping is climbing through the clothes and "hiding" from me. At home, it's really cute to see two little feet sticking out from underneath my curtains, while he's hiding from us. It's a game we've played. I've encouraged it. He cracks himself up, it's completely cute.

But not so cute at the store when I can't see his feet and he's crawled 15 feet through dirty women's clothes, where he's sitting on the floor hiding, in the midst of long flowing THRIFT STORE DRESSES with who-knows-what in and on them. Gag me.

Picture me, shouting, "Isaac! Isaac!" as I wade through racks of women's clothing, looking for my "lost" child. The looks I've gotten have been a bit sharp.

So, we have a bit of work to do to perfect the "Taz WILL learn to love shopping" training regimen. Any tips from you die-hard shopper mommies would be welcome.

So, overall, this explains my breakneck speed... we do what God calls us to do, and I'm learning to be content in my situation, to have fun with it, to Praise God in all of the craziness. He is a gracious God.

As you might have guessed, I'm ditching Foody Friday. I can't keep up with it. If you want to adopt it, let me know! It's yours. I'm sure I'll post some if someone else wanted to host it, so if you're interested, let me know.

I'll close with a little 6-year old conundrum:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. A simple command, right? What if what you would have them do unto you is to NOT do something? Then it's DON'T do unto others what you would NOT have them do unto you. So if your brother pours water over your head, and you DON'T want him to do that, then, according to this clear charge, you should...? Well, pour water over HIS head, right??

"But, Mommy! You said, 'Do unto others...'"

"YES, Do to them what you want them to do to you. You don't want him to do that, so don't do it to him!"

"But it says, 'DO unto others'. It's so confusing, Mommy. I don't get it!"

(Continue conversation ad nauseum for 10 minutes)

"Forget it. Pouring water on someone's head is mean. Taz, please don't do that. Corene, please don't do that."

"Oooooooooh! OK, Mommy!"


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job--it sounds like fun!

And I can't wait to have a Taz someday... ;)

Anonymous said...

Boys are So different than girls. Nothing proves this point more clearly than shopping!!

Congrats on your new business; how fun to work with your Mom!

Blessings, Whitney

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I've wondered where you've been. Good to know the world hasn't fallen down on your shoulders.

I concur with the assessment of little boys (non)ability to shop. Even my little girl isn't great. When they were both preschool-age, I would have to buy a huge bag of popcorn at the beginning of each Target trip. That would buy me 15-20 minutes of virtually uninterrupted shopping.

kasey said...

Congrats on the new job!!! Not only will you make money, but you will make precious memories with mom. =) Happy Belated Thanksgiving and happy December soon. xoxo Prayin you sell lots. xoxo

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

It must be a boy thing. At 4 I'm still having problems with Seth hiding in the clothes racks at stores. You give me hope, though, that my little girl will be a better shopper.

Congrats on finding a job in your basement. I'm going to go down into mine now and see if I can find one.