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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tidbits of Wisdom

If you hear a little Taz voice saying, "Ready, Set, GO!!" followed by peals of laughter, coming from the bathroom, you may just find yourself a wee little mess of hand soap squirted all over the counter, the floor, and on the hands and clothes of Taz. And, if the moment you walk in to the bathroom, Taz throws himself on the floor in a fit of laughter and glee, you will know that it is time to put new jammies on him and to put the little hyena to bed.

If you hear a little girl say "I'm so tired" at 6:30, walk over to the couch, lay down, pull the blanket up and say, "I want to go to sleep", you will know that it is time to put the sweet girl to bed.

If you turn around and another little girl is standing at the door, lower lip out, shaking, and looking forlorn, and when you ask her what's wrong, she says, "I... I don't KNOW! I just... I think I just want... to... CUDDLE!!!", and then bursts in to tears, you will know that it is time to put her to bed.

And then after an extended cuddle-fest, you will put them all to bed and smile.

Because it's only 7:30PM, and all your children are fast asleep.

If all three of the above scenarios happen within 15 minutes of each other, all before 7:00PM, you will THEN know that they stayed out REALLLLLLLLY late last night having fun with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Lee (While Mom and Dad had a cozy alone-night IN eating Carne Asada Tacos a la Jenny...)

Yerrrr the BEST-y.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! My kiddies melt down when they're over tired. I love the cuddle fests, but the soap all over the bathroom, notsomuch. On the other hand, it sure does smell good, lol.

Nice that you got a date night!

Blessings, Whitney

Dawn S. said...

Well, I guess Unta L-Lee and A-Daw
wore them out, huh? HAHA! Well, I have to tell the truth! I myself went "down for a nap" within 15 minutes of you picking them up!! :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm pretty sure I need to adopt Lee and Dawn. (Hi guys! Remember me? Kelly?) My kids NEVER fall asleep that early -- unless they are sick. And it's rarely worth the trade-off.

So wonderful you had a wonderful time. Just reading about other people being refreshed makes me refreshed.