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Monday, May 19, 2008

Of Dogs and Kids

We've got messes:


Who needs a dog?

Don't judge me.

Yes, he ate all of it.

I didn't clean a bit of it.

Thank you.


Jenna said...

i don't like dogs. i like little tots. ya know, just put little swiffer pads on each knee and he'd be multi-tasking.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

We don't have a dog either, much to Natalie's sorrow. So to make up for the painful lack of a pet, the kids play dog with each other. They crawl around, bark at each other and sometimes feed each other treats. "Jump boy! Good doggie."

They are pitiful, and my husband will look at me with these sad eyes and say, "We really need a dog."

I'm still not budging. Not until the baby is older.

Becoming Me said...

I'm not judging promise, but I am laughing my head off. You rock!

Kelley said...

We have always had dogs and this is exactly why we couldn't leave it's food dish sitting around....

Hold on to this picture, I think it could be good for blackmail someday!LOL

Yvette said...

Cosette cleans our floor too. :)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

My daughter actually ate a piece of candy off the floor today. The difference is she is 10. I told her to please be an example to her younger sister.

Sarah said...

1-year olds DO make GREAT vacuum cleaners, don't they? I really cringe and fear choking though when I have found a piece of old, dried "fill-in-the-blank" meat/something or other, she dug out of her highchair seat... Not judging you, or myself :)