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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This week, the theme will be simple recipes. One with just a few ingredients. Or one that you make from memory because it's easy enough to remember.

I need ideas! Leave a comment if you have ideas for future themes for Foody Friday.


Yvette said...

Theme ideas:
Quick breads & muffins
Kid's favorites
Husband's favorites
Chicken Breast recipes
Ground Beef recipes
Cookie recipes
Soup recipes
Italian or Mexican
Crockpot recipes
baked dishes
stove-top dishes
microwave dishes

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my gosh. I was going to leave a few humble ideas, but it looks like Yvette pretty much has it covered! :) Good suggestions!
The only one I can think to add is maybe some sort of appetizer/finger food/party food category?

J mom said...

I am always looking for easy lunch ideas that are also kid pleasers. Of course, it means easy so I can actually sit down to eat it. I get sick of supper leftovers every day!

Jennifer said...

Freezer Meals :)

... said...

Company Dishes
In season Produce recipes
Most unusual Dish you make :)
Stir Fry's
Desserts, I love desserts!
Non edible recipes (playdough, bird food balls, cinnamon ornaments)

I love Foody Friday. It's fun to get new recipes ~ Annika

emily said...

You could always just focus on a main ingredient... like recipes with strawberries, or broccoli, or eggs, or pasta, or rice, etc. Or just narrow things down like types of cheesecake, etc.