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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a wonderful...

Weekend! Sing with me now...

Hubby was out of town this past weekend (He's trying to find our bend. We haven't found it yet, in case you're wondering...). So, to be a bit spontaneous, I called up Aunt Dawn, and invited myself over for a sleepover. And I brought all of my children. Can you see how amazing my Auntie Dawn is? She willingly, even happily allowed her home to be infiltrated with little urchins for a weekend. AND, even moreso, her sweet hubby, Lee, put up with all of the above with not a word of complaint (except that he did accidentally back his car into mine in the driveway while we were there... maybe he was trying to tell me something?? Haha).

Really, we had SO much fun. (At least I did!) I stayed up way too late and then got up way too early. Just like a sleepover should be. Well, at least the staying up late part. The getting up early part, well... not necessarily like a sleepover should be, but hey... that comes with the children territory.

On Sunday afternoon, Dawn and I picked Great Grandma up from the hospital and took her to the thrift store and we shopped!

I haven't talked about Grandma in a while. She is doing awesome. She's coming home from the hospital tomorrow!! She is able to walk mostly on her own, getting stronger every day. What a woman. The biggest obstacle for her is some damage done to her throat by the ventilator tube while she was in the ICU. It has been a challege, because her "swallower" isn't working quite right, and if she tries to eat, the food sometimes goes down the wrong "tube", into her lungs. So the prayer request is for her throat to heal so she can get off the tummy tube and back on real food.

The doctor gave her permission to go shopping, so off we went...

I love how Ava is cuddling up to Grandma. They just adore her. (Or is she shielding herself from the wind...? Let's go with cuddling.)

Isaac fell asleep in the car, and when we got there, I thought, "Let's put a blanket in the bottom of the cart, and let's just see if he'll stay asleep." Didn't really think it would work.

That was one tiny cart, but he slept soundly for an hour! Woohoo!

On our way out of the thrift store parking lot, Grandma spotted a garage sale sign and wanted to go, so we did that, too!

What a woman, I say!

I'm not blood related to her (she's hubby's Grandma), but I definitely got her thrift/garage sale shopping gene. However that works.

After the shopping excursion, we went back to Dawn and Lee's and spent some time outside, let Lee grill for us, and enjoyed the afternoon.

What a weekend.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Great pictures! Love the one of all of you with Grandma. Very sweet.
Praying that you all will find your "bend". I know how that can feel...hang in there.

Dawn S. said...

It WAS a great weekend! Could have been perfect if not for that darn deductible!! :) I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband. Ok, I feel better now! It was so much fun! Let's do it again, soon, ok? :) Except, maybe park on the street.

Lee Shelton IV said...

Yeah, sorry again about "accidentally" backing into your van. I'm usually pretty good at hiding my passive-aggressiveness. ;)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

All that -- and the weather was GORGEOUS! Way to cooperate, Minnesota!

I love sleepovers like that. When I didn't live in the Cities, one of my close friends here would occasionally drive down to see me (when Corey was on a business trip) and stay the night. We delighted in putting the kids to bed and then staying up until 2:00 AM talking and laughing.

Sarah said...

Great picture of the girls trotting off into the woods :-) Also, I CAN'T believe that Isaac slept in the cart!?! Funny babies... Hurray for Grandma! Our prayers continue to be with her.