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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Foody Friday - Picnic Fare

Memorial Day is just around the corner! That means, yes... SUMMER is here! That means, yes... PICNICS are here!


So, quickly, I need to get to bed because I've been fighting the cold that never ends... it just goes on and on, my friends!

OK, wow. I get off track so quickly.

Picnic food.

This is an oft-requested favorite that... frankly... I really don't like. But it must be good. Because I've made it for approximately 150 people over 20 different occassions and everybody usually proclaims it the best potato salad that they've ever eaten. Some have even dubbed it "Jenny's Potato Salad". But please don't do that. I did NOT name it. Because I would never put my name next to the words "Potato Salad" on purpose. Ever.

But... that is a major misnomer anyway because I call it "Gramma's Potato Salad", and that is what it really is. Great-grandma Pauline taught me, and this is her recipe:

*Whatever potatoes you want, peeled, cubed, boiled, cooled. I usually use peeled Russet or unpeeled Reds. Amount: ack. what looks right for a large bowl. :) Maybe 6-8 depending on size?
*High ratio of hard-boiled egg (for a big bowl of potatoes, I use a dozen eggs), peeled and chopped
*1/2 large or 1 whole small sweet onion (HAS to be sweet. if you can't find a sweet one, use less)
*little bit of mustard (a squirt)
*little bit of minced dill pickles (maybe 4-6 baby dills, chopped up fine)
*Hellman's Mayo (I think this is called Best Foods in other areas of the country)
*Salt, Pepper.

Mix it up.

And, yes, according to Gramma, you must use Hellman's. I've obeyed her instructions and have never tried anything else, so I can't tell you what the difference is. I do sometimes cheat and use Hellman's Light.

I am SO sorry to all of you who like to measure... I know this kind of recipe must give you a headache. It's pretty obnoxious to not have measurements, I know. I'm sorry. My challenge to all of you: TRY IT!

They tell me it's good.


emily said...

That is so funny!
I was going to post a link to my recipe (from my husband's mom) for potato salad - and it is almost the same, plus written the same way!
Well, I already posted it in my menu plan earlier this week, so I guess I might as well... just know please that I am not copying you... I wish I had something original, oh well. If I think of something else tomorrow maybe I'll post (gasp!) 2 picnic fare recipes! :) Hope you feel better!

About Me said...
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Elena said...

This looks like a great recipe. We are Best Foods Mayo fan too!

Leys said...

Great theme for this week!

Jenna said...

oh these recipes look great!!! thanks for doing foody friday. when i get out of my rut, i'll join in regularly. i'd like to give mad props to Yvette for consistently posting recipes i want to try!!! Amen?