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Saturday, March 15, 2008

An enormous trip

Kelly at Love Well has recently posted on several "hubby is out of town" adventures. Well, today, I had an adventure of my own. No, hubby is not out of town, but he's working all weekend, and with family coming in to town, and zero food in the house, I was forced to make a trip to.... drumroll please...


With three kids.

On a Saturday.

And the only time that worked in my schedule for the day was...

lunch time.

Am I crazy, or what? I figured, you know what? I'm just going to make do. I am going to have fun with it.

So, we get there, and my Costco card is NOWHERE to be found. I looked in every nook and cranny of my purse. nada. So we wait in line for 10 minutes to get a temporary card. Check.

I decided to feed the kids those enormous Costco hot dogs and pizza for lunch, we were hungry so we started with that. Found out they don't take debit or credit cards at the food place.

"You can stand in line at the cash register and pay there, they take debit cards". I looked around me and there were at least 5 people waiting in line in each of the 52 cash registers that were open, all with very full carts. Hellooooo, this is Costco.

"Or, there is an ATM machine around the corner". Great, what else can we do? So I fork over $13 in fees (or so it seemed) for a $20 bill, buy the food. Check.

My kids eat more than any other children I know. Corene ate an entire 1/4lb hot dog and a berry smoothie. Ava ate an entire slice of pepperoni pizza (if you are not familiar with Costco pizza slices, they are equivalent to almost a half a regular size pizza... enormous. ) I shared a hot dog with Isaac. All aforementioned children complained that they were "still hungry" at the end of said gluttonous feast. There are no high chairs in chez Costco, so the babe sits on my lap. Nobody spills, only a small amount of pizza sauce and ketchup on the front of our clothes. Check.

Potty. Check.

Costco has enormous carts because everything they have there is... enormous. Two kids can sit side-by-side in the front of the cart. So I had the two littler ones there, and Corene sat in the basket with the groceries. We filled the cart to the brim with my little girl in the cart, it was hilarious. Wish oh wish I had my camera. Finished the trip, $200 later. Not bad for Costco. Check.

Potty. Again. Check.

So the funniest part of the day is that as we were leaving the store, 3 kids IN the cart, one still buried somewhere in the basket, and some guy driving by us is YELLING out the window, "CHECK OUT THAT LADY!! SHE'S EVEN GOT ONE IN THE CART!! BAHAHAHA!!!!" Now, I didn't quite know how to take that. It could be complimentary. But, this guy looked like Magnum PI, and he was hanging out of a pickup truck. Not a sympathetic fellow. He was laughing at me.

I am not ashamed. I turned around and gave him a big smile.

The smile said, "Shut up".

I am woman. Hear me roar.


Yvette said...

Ha ha ha! Great post! Saturdays are a challenging day at Costco, especially in just finding a parking spot--that is if you go to the Costco I go to. I love that Costco has enormous carts to fit several children in as needed. Seeing a picture of Corene buried in items would have been a treat. At least Costco's lunches are inexpensive. I too have had to wait in the check out lane to pay for my food since I had no cash. Hopefully your hungry children got to eat some samples on the way around the store. Were you exhausted after all that?

Jennifer said...

haha--I can barely manage this with two kids--I can't even imagine three! You should get some kind of award!

J mom said...

The things we must do... Thanks for always making me laugh!

Just another crazy family said...

You're a brave girl! I try not to ever take my kids shopping with me. I can accomplish every errand in 2 hours alone or 4 hours with them, not to mention the constant bickering, pottying, and listening to "I'm hungry" or "Can we get this?">

Rachel said...

And it's posts like these that remind me there are blessings to having only one preschooler.

Is it just me, or is getting all of that stuff out of the car and into your home the hardest part of the whole deal?

Kelly @ Love Well said...

You are a Minnesota Woman.


Hope you've rested up from your trip. It sounds like a doozy. But they all are when you take the kids, aren't they?

Tiffany said...

Ha! I love how you write. I usually laugh out loud when I read your posts. I felt like I was right there with you....maybe even riding in the cart with Corene.

Kristi said...

Great post! Taking my three kids shopping for groceries is NOT on my list of favorite things to do...especially on a Saturday afternoon! Yikes!! :-)

Love your writing...thanks for the laugh...and the visuals!!! :-)