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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring?? Please??!!

So, it's March 5. Spring, right? I know in my head that in Minnesota, March NEVER qualifies as spring. NEVER. The last frost is somewheres around May 15th, so I'm smoking something if I am expecting Spring. in March. in Minnesota.

Well, what I'm smokin' is seeds. Glorious seeds. Brought to me from heaven above California.

My seed packets say "start seeds indoor 8-10 weeks before last frost". Sadly, we are 10 weeks away from the last frost. But, just feeling the soil between my fingers and looking at those peat pots lined up on my window sill is enough for me to peek over them, look outside, and expect to see daffodils popping up.


Last night, we had Pasta Primavera. With asparagus. Lots of Asparagus. And breadsticks made from this pizza crust recipe. And then I made these. It was an extremely delicious evening.

So, am I savoring the promise of spring, or am I eating away my sorrows about the current state of our outdoors? Yes.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

A few years ago, I was so anxious for spring, I started a bunch of herbs in those little peat pots. They all died (due to too much growth and not enough room for their roots) before I could get them in the Minnesota ground.


I keep telling myself that spring is all the more glorious for those of us who have to look (and look and look) for its coming.

kmom3 said...

Yum! This meal sounds way more appetizing than apples that have been in the...well, you know. :)

I am so glad you have your little peat pots to give you some hope of coming spring! I am SO ready for it myself!!!

Sarah said...

Yum! those recipes sound enticing ...we should really begin our recipe exchange again! Maybe Cincinnati Chili should be one of them :-)

Dawn Shelton said...

I know!! When it gets to be March and is this cold and it is STILL snowing, I am done. But, alas, we are Minnesotans and hardy ones at that - we will survive!