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Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a cruel, cruel world state.

Sunday - a balmy 53 degrees. No coats. A bee-utiful day. Let us ride our bikes and frolic to and fro.

Monday - Makey we a snowman. Not so balmy. Ahem.

What in THEE world is wrong with Minnesota?

Yes, I'm whining.

It was snowing SO hard today. Matt dropped me off to pick up our car from the car doctor (what we our kids call the mechanic), and told me he'd brush the snow off the car before he left. I went inside to pay for the service. I came out not 5 minutes later and saw the car covered in snow. A wee bit perturbed, I brushed it off, got in the car, and called him.
"You said you'd brush the car off!!!"
"I DID!! Actually, twice!"
Aye aye aye.

In other news, We went to the pediatrician today for Isaac's 15 month check-up, as well as a pre-op physical for him (he's having both of his tear ducts probed on Wed. morning, and any prayers for him (and ME!) would be appreciated).

This child has an enormous head, not unlike the rest of our clan. All our kids have had head circumferences >95%ile.

My 5 year old currently wears adult women's size hats/helmets. My 3 year old wears a bike helmet that's for 8-16 year olds. Today on Isaac's chart, the nurse wrote "22 inches - 100th %ile". 100th!!!! 100th percentile doesn't even exist, that would mean that Isaac has the biggest head of any 15month old ever.

Maybe he does.


Anonymous said...

He is a really cute 15 month old with the most beautiful blue eyes.
I can't believe you how much snow you get in a day. It has been snowing in Oregon as well for the last four days. That just doesn't happen this time of year. Even at the coast. It didn't stick like what you all have going over there. That is a lot of snow! Have a wonderful day.
Michelle H.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I dunno. We have some big headed babies over here. At Ike's 6 month, it was so out of proportion, the dr said "If you didn't have a history of big headed babies, I would be sending you off for tests."

Eva Rose had that tear duct surgery when she was 10 mos old. They found out that she had a 3rd tear duct on the side of her nose. Yes, a hole in her head. So one would think, while they already had my baby under anesthesia, while I had already been thru the trauma of having my baby operated on, and we were already paying for it, they would just go ahead and fix it, right? NOPE. They left it. ????? So now she still leaks. Out of the side of her nose. Nice. So we will need surgery again at some point.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

But it's such a cute big head.

The snow will melt by Wednesday. That's my mantra. In a month, when the flowers are blooming and the grass is green and we're all headed for outdoor playdates, we'll look back at this and shake our heads.

Tiffany said...

Wow! I certainly don't look at Isaac and think "he's got a big head!" He's just so dang cute! I bet you're tired of the "bigger brains" comments...so I will refrain from saying that. :)

Yvette said...

Your children are beautiful.

I have a big head (bigger than my husband's). And my children were blessed with 90 percentile heads. We've got lots in common...lattes, children with large heads...NWC alumni... What else?

Carolina Mama said...

Prayer for your cutie. How did it go? :) God Bless!

Jenna said...

one time i asked a friend, "do i have a big head?" and he said, "if you mean like you have an ego problem, no. but, i do think you have a big head physically." ah. thank you.

Jenna said...

now that i've said that, i think i'll have to change my profile picture...it look soooo huge.