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Monday, September 29, 2008


Sometimes my life feels like a movie. Or a sermon illustration. Really, most often it's a sitcom.

Today it feels like a poignant 20/20 Special showing the vast differences between my life with all it's "trials", and the life of those who are truly facing difficulties.

Just one week ago, I wrote a humorous post about my Terrified Children and the great rain incident of September 2008. The post was humorous at the expense of my Terrified Children, you know, because on this here blog, we get a Latte Laughs out of poor innocent children who are screaming.

But, really, they were extremely frightened. And the crash of thunder in that story was quite possibly the LOUDEST thunder I have ever heard. And my kids were in my car, all by themselves. However, they were



Out of harm's way.

In Haiti, just a few weeks ago, thousands of children ran from their homes,


In danger.

Fighting for their lives.

The Flip Flop Fleet has partnered with C3 Missions, based in Kansas City, where they are bringing a Semi-truck full of supplies to Haiti. This Christian ministry has orphanages in several countries, and one of their orphanages in Haiti was destroyed by the storms.

Please watch this video (it is short), which briefly documents the trials these children have faced.

Now imagine with me this. This orphanage was COMPLETELY destroyed. Those children are currently staying in a LEAN-TO up on a HILL. I don't know all of the details about when and how they got to where they are now, but I do know that they were in danger during that storm. They were wet and frightened and probably fighting for their lives.

These are little children, just like yours and mine tucked safe in their beds. Does this not just make your lips get all shakey and tight, and make a pitiful little cry squeak out of your throat?

We are so blessed. A little bit of perspective goes a long way.


Dawn S. said...

Once again, Miss Jenny, even though I know the information already, you write in such a fashion that tears come to my eyes. Thank you. I love you. I am so glad my nephew married you.

Heather of the EO said...

So um. This post is so great. I love it when I find people who really care about the world around them. Secondly, it reminded me that I totally forgot to tell you that there are no flip flops at either of the Walgreens near me. I guess people around here really needed them during summer? Or the managers threw them out? Who knows. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
Beautiful post, lady!

Jen D said...

Thank you for sharing this Jenny...and remindng me to keep things in perspective as I oftentimes get so caught up in our own little family's problems.

Heather said...

I will definitely keep my eyes open for shoes. And keep my heart open to love and pray for these children from a world away. Thank you for the reminders of how blessed we truly are here in America. It's so easy to KNOW the information but not really take it to heart. Thank you for putting it on my heart.
I love you, Jenny!