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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Evidences of the Funny Farm

It's true. The Latte Talk family is one kooky bunch.

Especially recently.

For instance,

Tonight, our dinner was:

-Hot chocolate
-Scrambled eggs
-Carrot sticks
-String cheese

Well balanced, mostly healthy. Fun to eat. Just a little kooky. A winner in my book.


One day, while I was buckling Isaac into his carseat, He started saying, "Mommy!" and laughing. "Moooommmmmmmmy!!!!!" And laughing some more. I finally looked in his face and he looked different. And then I looked at his body, and I realized...

..."he" was AVA.

I was buckling Ava into Isaac's car seat.

Aye de mi.

I did laugh, hard, for at LEAST 10 minutes straight. Like, snorting and all.

I must have needed the stress release.


And, in no particular order, for your reading enjoyment, a smattering of kooky-funny-embarrassing quotes from the Latte children from recent days:

While I was watching a video of Matt Logelin, the girls came in the room.

Ava: Who is that man, Mommy?

Me: He is a man who has a blog.

Corene: I didn't know that mans could have blogs!

Ava: Yeah! I didn't think mans were allowed to have blogs!


Corene: Isaac! You used to be in Mommy's tummy! Did you know that??!!

Isaac: Oooooooooh!!! Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah!! In Mommy's tummy! Like poopy!


Daddy was out of town, and we'd been Skype-ing regularly...

Me: Where's Daddy right now, Isaac?

Isaac: In the computer!


Prepare yourself. I almost didn't post this one.

(while helping me do laundry)

Corene: Mom, WHY do you have a sling-shot in your underwear drawer?



Aaaaaaaaaand, CUT!

That's a wrap.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

That whole buckling Ava into Isaac's seat?


I would do that.

Corey says it's evidence of a distracted mind.

But I'm usually so distracted when he says that, I usually forget the insult.

Jenna said...

i think you could make $$$ from these quotes! submit them to reader's digest or something! hilarious.

Dawn S. said...

Those are all priceless! Thanks for the je je's!!

Lindsay said...

I for one LOVE your dinner entree idea! :-)

Oh yeah, and the SLING-SHOT in your undies drawer! Ha!

Lee Shelton IV said...

Nothing wrong with that dinner! Of course, this is from a guy who's been known to eat meals consisting of a sampling of assorted cereals, a handful of wasabi peas, and a spoonful of peanut butter.


The car seat incident isn't quite as peculiar as the time you got halfway through changing a diaper and realized you were changing Matt!


I agree. Mans shouldn't be allowed to have blogs.


Isaac always has been a little stinker.


If Isaac is confused by Skype, don't let him watch TRON. It will blow his mind.


Ummmmmm...Hey, I see the Twins beat Tampa Bay last night.


Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing! Thanks, I needed that! I'm glad someone else has kooky meals when Daddy is gone... although yours is waaaaay more balanced than most of mine!
See you sooooooooon! wahoo!
Cousin Kathie

J mom said...

Ahh the sling shot. Kids just ought to stay out of some places...

Heather of the EO said...

OH my.... too funny! I love it.

Matt Logelin...not allowed to blog...

sling-shot underwear...

those kids are hilarious!

Natalie said...

um I just saw this and this is fabulous. i love your sling shot so much that i'm going to have to share this at my mops table this morning ;)