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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Marriage Tips #1 and #2

1a) Speak respectfully to him ALWAYS.
1b)Apologize for your sharp tongue when you don't. Even if you think he's in the wrong, and if the words you said with a sharp tongue were the truth.
Basic, very important Tip. Harder to implement than expected, especially sub-Tip 1b.
*This Tip applies to mothering as well. Ain't that handy.

2) Believe he is FOR you, not against you. Get that in your head. Whatever your selfish little mind is telling you about his intentions, they are wrong. He's FOR you.

It's easy to assume everyone's against you, especially when, well, you know, you have a little bit of hormonal turmoil going on approximately 25% of the time. Or more often.

Sometimes I just HATE the emotions that go along with being a woman. Even when they're ridiculous when you look at them from the outside. When you're in them, emotions can be everything.

And I'm coping. Right here. On this public blog page.

He (my amazing, patient, hard-working, massively handsome husband) is FOR me. And, vastly more important, HE (the Sovereign Creator of this here UNIVERSE) is FOR ME. So, who can be against me?

This has been a public service announcement. And a counseling session.

Thank you very much.

How much do I owe you?


Jenna said...

so, i'm not the only one who forgets??? it's very easy for me to forget that my husband is for me. and, yes and amen, 'vastly more important' to remember is that HE is for us. i forget that, too, domesticating God to look as forgetful and unforgiving as me. yikes.

Anonymous said...

Best PSA I've heard in months. Thanks!

Sarah said...

note to self...yes, must tattoo that one to my brain and 'ahem' my emotions...

Dawn S. said...

Yes, I often say "sorry for being spicy". Sometimes I have to say, "sorry for being extra spicy". Sometimes it does feel like the WHOLE WORLD is against the (particularly defeated, hormonal woman), so thanks for the reminder.

Lori Michaud said...

I really needed to be reminded of this as I too have difficulty in this area. Thanks Jenny!