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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cheapest Vacation EVER

We are currently enjoying the cheapest vacation ever. Seriously.

It's Spring Break for Corene. Hubs has a gig in Sioux Falls this whole week (nice timing, thank you Lord!), which pays for his hotel, a daily per diem for food, and even gas money/mileage for the trip. So we tagged along, pretty much for free.

I figure that if we were home, I'd be buying groceries, right? Breakfast is provided at the hotel. Since we have a fridge in our room, we decided to do one meal a day in our room(PB&J all the way...).

We are ALMOST staying within his per diem each day, even for a family of 5. Woohoo.

The thing that's putting us over the top of the budget is our occasional ok daily morning coffee shop splurge. We considered bringing our espresso machine with us but figured that would be a little bit much. Ahem.

The totally sweet part about having a symphony gig out of town is that the rehearsals are in the evening, the performances are in the evening, and the days are... free!! Woohoo.

You might be thinking: Sioux Falls is not exactly a huge vacation destination, and not even any warmer than home.

So, what are we doing? One word: swimming. A pool was my only requirement for hotel. So far, we have been the only people swimming the entire time we were in the pool area (which was, um, like, the whole day yesterday).

Other highlights: TV (we don't have cable at home, and don't watch much at all). We're getting our fill for the year while we're here!!

I am going to take a risk of looking like a total wierdo here, but how cool is the Antiques Road Show? I know it's like a PBS show, I know we get it on our TV at home, haha... no wisecracks, please! But how cool is it to watch someone bring in a family heirloom diamond necklace that was appraised for $10,000 and be told that it's conservatively worth $250,000??!!!! That's my kind of reality TV show.

I know. What a dork.

Moving right along...

Wrapping it up with the quote of the week, (so far) - probably the most complex sentence ever spoken by Isaac:

Are you ready for it?

"Isaac tooted in Sioux Falls yesterday"

That, Mr. Taz, is what we call TMI.

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