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Friday, April 3, 2009

You've come a long way, baby

Jumping in the pool can be a scary thing to do. Some of us prefer two feet planted firmly on solid ground, thankyouverymuch.

But a few days of spending more time in the water than we did on land produced some desired results.

Day 2 - "I want to jump in. I really do. Mommy said I'd get some candy if I did. I really really want that candy. Yes I do. I. want. to. jump. in.
I. can't.
do. it."

a.k.a. "Torture"

Day 4 -



Jenna said...

So...next house project?

Indoor pool? Who needs a backyard???

Dawn S. said...

Yay!! Congratulations, Corene!! We are so proud of you!

Sarah said...

Way to go Corene!!!!!!!! I'm with you on the pool! As a child I was in the water more than on land...come to think of it, that IS why my hair turned green:-0

Lori Michaud said...

Way to go Corene!
We knew you could do it!

Anonymous said...

Good job Corene. I love swimming. I can't wait till summer. We are going to be in San Diego for a month (probably June)swimming in the outdoor pool. Can't wait for summer. Are you going to be there this year?