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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Become like little children

Funny how God uses our parenting to refine us. I've known for as long as I've been a mom that Motherhood ain't for wimps. How many times have I had to reach deep down into the carpet bag of my soul and pull out that patience that I didn't know existed so that I can answer the 43rd "Mommy" of the hour with love? The Holy Spirit put that patience there, I know it. And how many times has my selfishness been put to the test, when, for the 8th time in one sleep cycle did I have to drag myself out of bed and plod down the hall to comfort an uncomfortable baby. Or how about when I don't even look for patience or seflessness, and I snap irritably at my child? My humility is refined when I must look 2 big, brown, hurt eyes straight on and say "I'm sorry".

I'm adding another area of refinement to my understanding. My daughter Corene is a little bundle of 5 years old. She has been a lover of Jesus for just about 1 month, and she has spiritual sensitivity that brought me to my knees tonight. She has a spark about the things of God that is so refreshing!

Tonight we read in Revelation about Jesus coming back "soon". I knew we were probably opening up 20 questions of eschatology, but we had time so I dove in. After fielding the "What about Max (our cat)?" questions, we started talking about people who don't know Jesus, how they won't be able to come with us to heaven. The Holy Spirit obviously was working in BOTH of our hearts as we prayed, talked, and cried.

Here is what amazed me as I talked with her: This is the "main thing" of life. The main feelings we were wading through was a longing for the people we love to know Jesus. My heart aches as I write this, thinking of the names we prayed for. My heart truly aches for the first time in a long time. Sure, I've prayed for these people. Their names are written on my prayer list in my organizer. But when have I ached for them? When have I truly believed that God could save them?

It took a child, with simple faith, to remind me what the "main thing" is.

"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

Refine me, Lord. I am your clay.



BethAnne said...

Hi Jenny, I found your log through Alana. I love this post. It is so true that our kids can show us so much about life and about our God.

Alana said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your comment. I like your solution!

This post was great. And amazing that you had this moment with your 5 year old. Sounds like you are really doing something right with her!

kmom3 said...

I found you through your comment on Lysa's blog! I cannot lie, I saw MOPS and then I saw your awesome picture of you looking so joyful with your cuties....and I just had to stop by!
I read all of your posts...SO good! I am a mommy of 3, too! So, welcome to the world of blogging! Nice to meet you! :) Thanks for the smiles and the encouragement today!
Love and Blessings,

Linda said...

Jenny, I also came through Alana. Only three posts?! Get out--you write like a seasoned pro! Moms are going to love your blog. I'd like to link you up to Missy at "It's Almost Naptime." Your personalities seem very much alike. Great posts, Jenny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
This post brings tears to my eyes. I am so excited to hear Coreen as asked Jesus into her heart. Bradley did too. A few days after his 5th birthday. You are a wonderful writer. Thank you for the encouragement in leading our little ones with patience and remembering what is important.
Michelle H

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Linda's right, Jenny! :)

I hate to like, link to me on your blog, that's kinda tacky. But I am gonna because you have got to read what I wrote on this last week.

Please go to

and read the Feb 12 devotional.

We think alike!