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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A tale of 2 socks

I hate socks. That is, socks that are "supposed" to be matched and put into the right child's drawer. In our laundry, we have white socks that say "12-24 months", "2-3 years", and "3-4 years" on their soles. We have lots of patterned socks in 2 sizes, one size for each girl. And we have a whole host of random purple, pink, red, yellow, blue, green socks. All sizes. (You should all know, however, that I do have a good handle on what socks are Isaac's, so no worries that my girls are wearing his socks! At least I don't think so...) That adds up to at least 230 different socks in my home. You might think that at any given time, we could come up with 2 that are the same pattern and size. Umm... rarely.

Several months ago, there was a segment on our local news station with moms that talked about how far we are now from the 1950's and the "perfect homes" that women were expected to keep. The panel of moms were talking amongst themselves and were saying to each other, "We can't always find 2 matching socks for our kids. It's ok." One of the moms answered, "I'm lucky to find 2 socks. Forget if they match!" I was like, "AMEN, sister!"

What is it about socks? My girls are dressing themselves most days (except for Sunday- I must approve Sunday clothes). And I tell you, a serious party happens upstairs when the girls find 2 socks that match each other. They run downstairs yelling, "Mommy! Mommy, LOOK!!" WOOHOO! We celebrate.

Yep. Uh-huh. I did NOT dress her, I promise.

So, tell me - can YOU find 2 matching socks in your house? (No fair if you have all boys).

Blessings to you!



Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Socks are not my problem, for some reason.

Finding two SHOES that match, now that is a miracle!!

Anonymous said...

oh, that's so funny! I agree with Missy, our shoes seem to wander around by themselves! You would think that since we have two identical pairs of most shoes we could at least find a right and a left one! (Anna and Ruthie wear the same size and Grandma loves buying them)


Lee Shelton IV said...

Why not just buy white tube socks for everyone? One size fits all. No need to match colors or patterns. Think function over fashion.

Love the blog, by the way. :)

Dawn Shelton said...

haha!! at least her SHOES matched each other!!

I bought one of those lingerie laundry bags. Maybe that would work, I suppose, if matching socks made their way into the bag in the first place...

kmom3 said...

So funny! So true! So my house!

MaryLu said...

I can find them, I'm meticulous about matching, if a stray sits in my basket too long without finding a mate, he goes to the trash. Didn't God say it isn't good to be alone? (Loosely translated...)

Jennifer said...

Hi, found your blog through MaryLu. So true! I just said this to my husband last night as I looked dauntily at a pile of mismatched socks on our bed. We have 4 boys and 2 girls....and lots of lonely socks! I like to celebrate when matches are made, too. Yes, we have a mesh bag and that does help IF they make it to the bag. I usually find socks under the table, in the hall, under toy boxes, etc.!!! So funny!

chickadee said...

ah we have the same sock problems!

Anonymous said...

Tights are a lifesaver. Shoes are now becoming an issue.
Michelle Henson