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Friday, February 8, 2008

Preschool Theology

There's no point to this post except to hopefully make you laugh.

True overheard conversations:

(A few years ago)
Corene: Ava, I am 3. And God is 6.
Me: Corene, God is older than 6, he's very very old.
Corene: How old?
Me: He's older than the world, he's infinitely old.
Corene: (With true understanding in her eyes) Ohhhhhh. Kinda like Great-Grandpa.

Corene: Ava, you know what the Bible says?
Ava: What?
Corene: "Children, obey your sisters in the Lord, for this is right."


Jenna said...

no way!!! that's hi-larious! especially, "obey your sister!!"

Allison said...

Ellie was being naughty one day. When Isaac told her she had to listen and obey, she said seriously, "No. I obey GOD." That's when we memorized that verse!

Anonymous said...

Well she got part of it right. That is just too funny.
Michelle H