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Monday, June 30, 2008


How to have fun alone with 3 kids at an orchestra concert:

1)Go to an outdoor concert where the kids can get up and dance if the spirit moves them to. And, have no fear. The spirit WILL move them.

2)Bring food. Lots-o-food.

3)Bring water, both for drinking and extra... well, for dumping. Of course.

4)Remember what color shirt your son is wearing. This will be helpful when your son wanders off into a sea of people while you're talking to Joel, and as you're frantically searching, Joel asks you "What color shirt is he wearing?" and your first thought is "green?". There are like 167 small children in the sea of people around you. Knowing what you put on him not 2 hours earlier would be helpful. Unfortunately, I know not of such things. He was wearing red.

We did find him. Chatting it up with some fellow concert-goers 5 rows back.

5)When you're desperate to take a picture of the hot air balloon that just happened to float by in the middle of a beautiful piece of music, and you need a fast distraction for your son, give him a jumbo marshmallow.

And then another one.

6)And then when he starts coughing and gagging, and people around you start to twitch and look at you funny, discreetly dig it out of his mouth and act incredulous, like you don't know how in the world it got in his mouth. Humph.

7)Pack a balanced meal to eat. If the only "healthy" food you pack is raw unpeeled carrots (We were in a hurry!), and the rest is junk-o-la, your firstborn, rule-following child is likely to tell you "All we ate tonight was junk food, Mom. Please, please, please when we get home, can we eat something HEALTHY?"

"Sure, honey. I think we can arrange that."

(Big Sigh) "Ahhhhhh! Thank you, Mom."

Just call me the best mom evah.


Becoming Me said...


Tiffany said...

Ha! Sounds pretty exciting! Was that the concert that we were maybe going to go with you to? Oooops....did you just happen to run into the Button's there? Funny!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, I hear you...the child that wanders off in the sea of people? Definitely been there. Talk about a moment of panic.

Dawn S. said...

Wish I was there!

Uncle Doctor Jeff said...

See, regarding tip #1, I went to a Christian high school, and they said something about the invariable outcome from dancing... careful!