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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Swimming is FUN!"

Tonight concluded a 7-session swimming class at the UofM. Corene did GREAT, and has oficially (and might I add, FINALLY) decided that, yes, swimming is FUN.

This is a huge answer to prayer, she has historically been fearful of floating/being unsteady, and the last class we had her in was, um, difficult. But you never would have known it, thanks to her excellent, very patient teacher (and lots of time in a swing at OT, I think). She even got the thumbs up to go on to the next class. Yippee.

And fun was had by all...

Scenes from her final lesson:

Hangin' out

Goin' under

Jumping off the side.

Just for kicks - this was the other little boy in her class. 4 year old stunt man. He was


Jenna said...

i love those kinds of swimsuits! so cute. and i still can't get over that cute bob hair cut.

so glad she's learning to love water.

talk soon!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

We start swimming lessons this afternoon. Water safety (and enjoyment) are essential lifelong skills, in my book. Here's hoping she'll have many more days of water enjoyment this summer!

Becoming Me said...

How fun!

Tiffany said...

That's wonderful! I too just love the bob haircut. She looks so grown up!

Sarah said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurray for swimming! Hurray for OT!!! I'm so happy for Corene:-) I bet she is proud of herself! Give her a big hug for me!