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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Surgery update

Isaac had his surgery last week. He I survived! Actually, it was really not that bad. The going to sleep part, anyway. He just got heavy and cute. No twitching or eyes rolling back in the head or anything creepy like that. The bad part was the waking up, which the nurses said generally takes at the very least 15-20 minutes from when they turn the medicine off (it was inhaled only, no IV). Well, Taz, who does everything faster than he's supposed to, took 4 minutes to wake up. And since he still had all kinds of nasty medicine running through his veins, he went on to scream for 25 minutes. Scream and heave. Scream and heave. Poor sweetie. Once he settled down, the nurse said, "And now is when he should have woken up."

The big bummer is that his eye is still teary. I think his plumbing is still slow. We'll see. He'll have a check-up with the opthamologist in a few weeks.

"Yes, hi, I'd like to return this surgery please? It was defective. Please credit the money back to my insurance company."

I guess it doesn't work that way. How about this:

"Hi, I bought one of these surgeries last week and it doesn't work at all. It's completely broken. Yes, I'd like to buy another one exactly like it."


Tiffany said...

Oh, poor little honey. I would have such a difficult time seeing my little baby in surgery. I'm so glad you BOTH survived! Praise be to God!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Corey had Lasik surgery last Friday, and I had the same thoughts.

"Ummmm, this didn't work. Can we get our money back?"

Glad the surgery for Taz went as well as could be expected. Praying the results start to show soon.

Becoming Me said...

Oh bless his heart. Poor guy. And yours. I'm glad you both made it through.

Elena said...

Oh poor little guy! I pray that his eye heals up and everything works right.

Carolina Mama said...

Glad everyone survived the surgery. ;) I know what you mean - you surviving. Inviting you to my "Win It Wednesday!" :) It's all fun.