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Monday, October 20, 2008

And they weren't even axe murderers!

I had me a little get-together with some bloggy friends Saturday morning.

bloggy friend (n): (1) A person you probably know more about than your next door neighbor, and yet you don't know their last name, and in some instances, their first name either. (2) A person you hope is not an axe murderer in disguise, when you go meet them at a local restaurant for breakfast.

I had to tell Corene that I was going out to breakfast with some friends "that I met on the computer". Tell me that's not going to come back to haunt me in about 10 years...

These ladies were great! What a fun morning. Many of us confessed to each other that our husbands were a bit skeptical about just who we were going to meet, and were we sure that they weren't crazies?

Well, I'm not sure about the part that they weren't crazy. I do believe that they were all crazy. But in a different, sleepy-coffee-drinking-we-all-have-preschoolers-crazed-mommy sort of way. This title is one I wear with pride. It is only a season that we get to be crazies, why not have fun with it??!!

Given the above definition of the attendees, you might assume that we consumed a mighty lot of coffee at our table.

You would assume correctly.

We were waited on by the fabulous Fernando. (wait - Eduardo? Ricardo? What was his name??!!!!)

At any rate, he was gracious when we asked him to split our checks, and then double-gracious when we each handed him cash that he needed to give change for. He walked up to the table with 7 checks, and 7 stacks of change, all orderly and organized.

He won my praise, though, when he even took pictures for us with 4 different cameras. With a very weary smile on his face. Needless to say, I tipped him well.

Anyhoo, here's the group picture taken by Senor Waiter:

From left to right, Rachel from Badgers on the Loose, Heather of the EO, Kelly of LoveWell, Sara from Butterville, Whitney of Baby Tunnel Exodus, Moi, and MinnesotaMom.


Anonymous said...

Good times, good times! It was great to finally meet you and have a chance to know each other better. :o) Can't wait for the WC night.

Blessings, Whitney

Rachel said...

It was a lot of fun! Thanks so much for your part in setting it up!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm ready for another breakfast. You?

By the way, I just posted my recap, and I included a tag for the whole group, if you want to play.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm the one saying Kelly better not be kidding about breakfast... :)

Fun to meet you, Jenny!

Lindsay said...

Oh for funny. I had to read to my hubby that your husbands all asked if you were SURE you weren't going to meet axe murderes! He understood. he thinks I'm crazy sometimes for talking about all my bloggy friends!

Sara@ Butterville said...

BREAKFAST? When and where?
(why do I suddenly feel like Scooby doo?)
I had a great time thanks for putting it together.

Heather of the EO said...

Loved it!

I feel so bad that I stuck my head right in front of Kelly. ugh...

Anyway, I'm so glad no one killed me in broad daylight in a health food restaurant full of people...whew!


Jenna said...

oh. sounds like a lot of fun. thanks for sharing.

and heather gets my virtual trophy for best quote in the comment section for:

"Anyway, I'm so glad no one killed me in broad daylight in a health food restaurant full of people...whew!"

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Now I'm jealous twice. REad about your get together at Kelly's place and oh how fun it looks!

fyi - Do you go to John Piper's church?? :)