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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dearest Doctor

Dearest Doctor,

You must have underestimated the God-given gift of Mama Bear in me when you so rashly perceived my little bear cub as having a bad attitude in our visit to see you yesterday. Let us recount the facts in this case:

This child is 6.
This child had just had a long pointy Q-tip shoved in her throat, causing her to gag.
This child does has never met you before.
You are a MAN. Sorry to be sexist, but there is no shame in being sexist when you're six.
You are an OLD man. Sorry to discriminate based on age, but again... no shame.

When a child is curled in the fetal position and refuses to look at the Doctor who just walked in the door, it would be reasonable to assume that she is nervous, shy, even afraid...

Unless, of course, the girl was 16, and not 6. THEN, if she is demonstrating the above behavior, you just might be reasonable in saying,

"Well, her attitude could be better... THAT'S for sure!!"

But not to my 6 YEAR OLD.

I felt the need to write you a note, as we will not be seeing you ever again.

Blessings on your day, may you rest in retirement very soon,

Mama Bear


Lee Shelton IV said...

You don't have to watch Babe Winkelman to know what to do when you run into a mother bear and her cub. The doc obviously doesn't spend a lot of time outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Seriously??? This Mama Bear would have shown the ill spoken Doctor some TEETH. Whoa. I hope you do send that letter in!

Blessings, Whitney

Jen D said...

Good grief...that is ridiculous. We have one doctor like that in our clinic and I refuse to see him anymore with the kids...heck, I won't even make an appointment with the grump :) One time was enough. Hope Corene's feeling better soon!

Leys said...

oohhhhhhhh.. that would have made me so upset! Sometimes I don't think they really are aware that their table side manners are just as important as their medical knowledge.

kristin said...

i know this goes against the grain and may even make you delete the comment but first please consider...maybe your daughter needs to have a bit more training in conversation and relationships. that withdrawn, shy behavior is not acceptable across the board. it is rude. she is 6 and not 3. maybe she was demonstrating something that needs to be dealt with. just something to consider.


Jenny said...

Kristin, I will not delete your comment, but I will respond to it. She had a fever and felt sick (we WERE at the doctor). She DOES have a shy, withdrawn personality. She also has sensory issues that make this type of appointment (strep swab)very difficult for her.

A lot of me wonders if you know us or our story, because if you did, you'd know the struggle we've had with this child, the training we've done, the prayers we've prayed, and the tears we've wept, asking God to guide us in how to deal with her, to help her. And you must not know how we HAVE helped her, by understanding her struggle, gently training her, taking her to OT, and praying for wisdom every single day.

But, forget about that! This post wasn't about her; it was supposed to be a humorous, tounge-in-cheek response to a very inappropriate comment by a doctor to a young child he's never met and knows nothing about.

Bernhard said...

Grrrrr...Jenny, on so many levels! Grrrrrrr! Have people no shame?

Sarah said...

Oops :-) That comment was from me!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Saw your exchange with one of your earlier respondents and just wanted to say that the fact that your "Dear Doctor" letter was tongue in cheek completely came across. Although there was obviously some seriousness behind your intent, I think most understand and can relate to where you are coming from.

Dawn S. said...

I do know your story and am really proud of how you are raising your kids. I am amazed at how much progress Corene has made in the past few years and this auntie is happy to take all three of your kids to church, stores, parties and overnight for full weekends because they are so well "trained" and obedient.

PS I love how people who leave
"against the grain" comments are the ones who have no blog or blogger profile. Our former pastor once said that he made a policy years ago not to read anonymous letters. While the name is stated, Kristin's comment falls under that category in my book because she is unidentifiable. As far as I can tell, she made this comment about a child she has never met and knows nothing about. Perhaps we should all give each other some grace. Just something to consider.


Heather of the EO said...

I'm a bit speechless right now. For a few reasons. We'll just talk about those on Saturday :)

It would be better if I didn't express my feelings. I need some time to cool off.

I got your back, sister! Even though we've never met (for now) this chaps my hide! The Doc and the comment above. grrrrr....

Anyone who has read your blog can see what a wise and loving mom you are. AND, going to the doctor can be scary!!! Especially with a new doc who happens to be male when that's not what you're used to. sigh...
I forgot, I wasn't going to get started...shoot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, doctors. I wish they would put something in the Hypocritic--oops, I mean Hippocratic Oath that said, "If I have ever thought of a child as a 'bother' or 'nuisance' I swear not to become a pediatrician."