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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Foody Friday - Par-TAY

I admit it. Halloween is not my thing. If Halloween suddenly went away, I would shout and sing.

But, it IS fun for the kids, and there's not a lot that's cuter than all the sweet little kids dressed up at my front door. Emphasis on LITTLE. Big kids in grotesque masks aren't so cute.

The worst part of Halloween, to me, is being the mother of 2 previously sweet children, who become frightening monsters when on sugar. Not to mention the next 30 days when the greedy factor goes up and an unbelievable amount of time is spent counting, sorting, and planning the various tastes, flavors, and available highs of the candy in their stash.

The link at the bottom of the post is to a group of recipes, and one I'm personally SO excited about, because it works into the Halloween Candy Master Plan '08. Here are the specs of the plan:
  • Halloween night: Children of candy-eating age are allowed to eat as much candy as they want, no limits. Buckets will be on hand, just in case.
  • Post-Halloween-candy-binging: Mother confiscates all candy wealth to be redistributed via rationing.
  • All-Saints Day, Nov 1: Mother makes candy brownies for all to enjoy, and the Halloween candy will be "used up" very quickly.

This plan was implemented in hopes of preventing a recurrence of the Great Whiny Kids Fiasco of November '07.

The candy will be gone by November 3. Mark my words.

Here is a website that will give you a vast plethora of ideas for using up that Halloween candy.

You're welcome.

Join in with your partay/ appetizer/ fun/ random recipe below!


J mom said...

Looks like I finally beat Emily for the number one spot! Love ya girl! Enjoy your fill of candy ladies. Last year we skipped the whole Halloween thing, this year I think Jason wants to go out to a couple houses in hopes that Seth might share. Yeah, we'll see how that goes.

Jen D said...

Butterfinger Layer Cake?! Um...yum! I don't even like Butterfingers, but I think I could choke down a piece or two of that cake. :) Thanks for the link--I definitely know that we will also be doing some Halloween Candy baking and/or quick consuming!

Living Balanced said...

Pretty much the only thing that tempts me is the chocolate. I try to get my son and husband to eat those first. I'm on the other end. I don't mind having candy around for a while as long as it isn't what I like to eat.

Jenna said...

jenny. you looked absolutely adorable tonight. thanks for the recipe link. great idea!

Sarah said...

Here are 2 of my favs. You can check out the original recipe at http://www.womansday.com/Recipes/Spiderweb-Nacho-Spread
I will have to check out the candy bar website, although we don't have any candy bars left :-)

Dawn S. said...

Huh, you sure looked like you enjoyed Halloween tonight!!If you need a reminder of how hot you were, go to MY blog!! :) xoxox

Jennifer said...

ANd a very very very happy happy birthday to you.. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
The sistah you've nevah met

Anonymous said...

I hear you, the candy monsters are Not cute. The Candy Fairy visited our house again, to great applause this morning; the kiddies each have 10 pieces of candy left - the rest (5 POUNDS worth!) was traded for a toy. Did you know the Candy Fairy is the Tooth Fairy's sister? Neither did my son until last night. It only makes sense my husband says. :o)

Blessings, Whitney

Anonymous said...

PS, I gave you an award on my blog!

Blessings, Whitney

Yvette said...

Oh thanks for the candy using up ideas. All my kids want is candy right now.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I've been lovin' on your blog for a while now, but am making it official today. Check out Monday's posting on our blog when you have a chance: http://3baybchicks.blogspot.com/.

Hope it brings a smile to your day!