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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do you ever...

pray for God to make a decision so clear for you that there's no way you'd miss His sign?

And, then, does He ever produce a sign that's... ummm... very much not like you expected?

Do you think that God just chuckles in Joy? Watching us learn, trust...

scratch our heads??!!

I was discussing this very topic with my friend Jenna today. We want the simple way, the obvious way, the clear way.

But, sweet friends, God wants for us whichever way will produce fruit in our lives. He wants the way that will cause us to look to him, the author and finisher of our faith.

He looks at our life so differently than we do. For I am consumed with thoughts of income, schooling, career paths, action. Action, Lord! C'mon!!!

But he cares for even the sparrow. Does the sparrow have to think about things such as these?
There are many references in the Bible to sparrows, how dispensible they are in man's eye, but how much God cares for them and clothes them and feeds them. How much more so will He care for us whom He loves, and send us on the path He wants for us.

So, scratching our heads, we take a step of faith. Again.

Any of y'all been there?

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Anonymous said...

We are right there with you, girl! What a great and encouraging reminder!!!
=) Kathie

Queen B said...

Oh, yes ma'am. Currently residing right there.

Thank you for the post.

Tiffany said...

I needed that reassurance today. Thanks, Jenny for the reminder that the Lord cares for EVERY aspect of our lives and he WILL take care of us.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

And all God's bloggy women said, "AMEN!"

I'm there right now, as we prepare to re-list our house. It's already been on the market since September '06, and almost all of our earthly income is tied up in it, and it's starting to feel like it will never sell (or it will require us to go upside down on the mortgage). AHH!

But God is still God. He cares. He knows. He's in control. He has a plan. I'm having to daily release it all -- again.

keitha said...

this sinners life just needs SOO much direction. As you can imagine, i too am right there with you. upcoming new state, new schooling, new church, new friends for everyone. and if it werent those it would be something else. He continually surprises me though. Things never go the way I plan...thankfully! and yes, the sharpening is the greatest gift of all. great words!

jenna told me she rode down to your house last night. she ADORES you!

SARAH said...

Definately what my heart needed to hear today in light of the housing/schooling issue. It's SO difficult to trust that God cares and has our best interest in mind and a plan to prosper us and not harm us...especially when we think there is a better plan! Thanks Jenny. So comforting when you know others struggle with the same concerns....We'll just keep trusting!

Sarah S.