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Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Madness

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in Foody Friday last week. Yeehaw. That was so fun, and I already have ingredients on hand for a few of the recipe ideas. We'll do it again each Friday!

I just have to talk about shopping. I love shopping. Like many girlies, it's like this strange high/therapeutic force that I just get such a kick out of.

Seeing as how we have extremely lucrative music careers,(ever heard the term "starving artist"?), I'm an avid shopper of deals. No shopping of Nordstrom here. My store du jour is the Thrift. I love thrift store shopping. Love it. It's like a drug.

Now, granted, there is the germ factor. You do have to plan ahead and bring Handi Wipes along, and use them indiscriminately - especially if you are going to bring germ lickers children along. Our local thrift actually has cart wipes now. Thank you.

I, myself, am not usually a germophobe. Not even close. I'm probably too relaxed about it sometimes.

Except when somebody in the house is throwing up. THEN my inner OCD kicks in and I sanitize like a freak (Which never does any good, we all get it eventually anyway - so why do I bother?).

ANYWAY, that was a major digression. SHOPPING THERAPY.

I find almost all of my kids' clothes at the thrift, and quite a bit of my own as well.

So, ya wanna see what I found last week? In addition to the usual haul for the kids, (including a size 5 Extra Wide pair of sneakers from StrideRite for the little guy for $4!), I found these for myself:

A pair of Banana Republic trouser jeans.
A pair of Banana Republic capri jeans (these are so cute).
A pair of Sofft sandals.


I have wanted a cute pair of trouser jeans for a long time. And these are nice lightweight pants, perfect for SPRING!!! (YES, **newsflash**, it IS finally Spring in Minnesota. Hallelujah!!)

Proof? Do you see the bubbles?? They are NOT frozen:

And, the find of the shoes is significant. I had a bunch of "dressy" sandals from way back in my college days, that look like, well... a college student in the 1990's should be wearing them. I'm hereby embracing my 30's mom style and have gladly gotten rid of a lot of those old pairs.

I have already put them in a goodwill box in the garage, or I would take a picture for you.

But how cute are those! And Sofft is a really expensive, and very comfortable shoe. Comfort is another quality my college shoes were sorely lacking.

I'm ready to go back and get me some mo'. Wanna come?!


Yvette said...

Very fun! Where do you go? And do you take your children with you?

Tiffany said...

Love it! You know I'm a thrift shopper as well. Yes, you know that. Well, that's ALL I shop. Unique, ARC, a handful of consignment shops. I found a pair of Banana Republic jeans this winter as well for $3 at Unique. I agree with the sanitizing wipes. Yes, Unique Thrift will do that to you. Yick, but oh the finds! I actually had a conversation with your mom once about thrift stores. I didn't realize how much she is into it as well. You have a cool mom. :) Oh, and those Abercrombie capri's you gave me fit great! I think you got those used somewhere too right???

Tiffany said...

oh, yeah, i found a pair of Born shoes last year too. So comfy!

Allison said...

Unique is the best! Now if only they carried better maternity clothes...

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh my goodness! I'm longing for a pair of denim capris right now. (The baby weight demands that I get a new summer wardrobe.) And I can't find any anywhere! I'm starting to panic!

Nice haul.

Jenna said...

i'll be honest. i'm jealous of you thrift shoppers. i can never find anything. seriously. and you and tiffany are bonafide thrift shoppers and dress totally way super cuter than me. if i want/need something, it's either target or old navy. okay. that's it. i'm going to drop 8 lbs so i can raid jenny's wardrobe.

Jenny said...

OK... to answer questions...

Yvette: The closest thrift to my house is Savers. I used to swear by Unique, but I really do love the Savers that's close (it seems better to me than the other Savers I've been to).

I do bring my children if absolutely necessary, the fewer the better. But it's doable.

Tiff: You know I wouldn't step foot in an Abercrombie store, ha. Let alone actually give them money. Yes, I found those at ARC. I'm glad you like them! I will wear them vicariously through you.

Jenna: Whatevah. You do so dress totally way super cute.