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Monday, April 21, 2008

Heaven's gluttonous feast

My kids eat constantly. They literally, no exaggeration, ask for food at least once an hour, all day long. Even the hour right after a huge meal. They. eat. so. much. They think about food all the time. Kinda like someone else I know... ahem.

Tonight, in a conversation with Grambie (my mom):

Corene: What kind of snake can kill you?

Grambie: Umm.. probably a rattlesnake. If they bite you. But rattlesnakes don't live in Minnesota.

Corene: So if a rattlesnake bites me, then I'd die?

Grambie: Umm.. It's possible, if we didn't get you to the doctor in time.

Corene: But that's OK, because I'd go to Heaven. And you'd be sad, you'd miss me.
But I'd be happy because I'd be in Heaven!
And then when you die, you'd be able to come see me! So, it's OK.

Grambie: Well yes, that's true.

Ava (chiming in): When we come, we'll bring food!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

OH MY WORD! My daughter (6) is in that exact same phase right now! She asks for food approximately 16 times from when I pick her up from school at 3:30 and when we eat dinner at 6:00. And 20 minutes after dinner, she looks at me and says, "I'm hungry."

How do you DEAL? I'm starting to get annoyed. As I tell her, I fix food at set meal times and I'm happy to get a few snacks. But I don't want to turn into snack bar waitress.

And the conversation with Grambie? Classic. It also sounds like something my kids would say. They are very nonchalant about death at this point in their life.

Becoming Me said...

That is a DARLING story. Oh my goodness. My four year old eats constantly too. I can imagine her quipping in about food as well.

keitha said...

could that be ANY cuter? ugh!

Kristi said...

My kids want to eat constantly as well!! I hear ya on that one! Who knew that a 6,5, and 3 year old could consume so much food?? :-)

Cute story...I love what kids say!