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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kids' art

She's baaaaaaack!! Y'all know I can't stay in the dumps for long. 'Tis not my nature. And, who could, when you've got 3 HI-larious kids to make you laugh? And laugh? And laugh?

And scream.

But mostly laugh.

For example, Corene drew a family picture today:

In case you don't recognize us, from left to right, it's Big Sis (the artiste), Isaac (the bumblebee), Daddy (the punk rocker), Mommy (in the miniskirt), and Lil Sis (oh ye of curly hair).
And, truly, what an amazing rendition. Especially of the Papa. I mean, look at the resemblance here:

AMAZING, don't you think??


I KID! I so kid!

So not my husband. If you know him, you're cracking up right now. He's conservative. He's serious. He's a musician (Noooooo, not the spiky-hair garage band type. More like the tuxedo-clad orchestra type). We were bonafide band geeks, OK??

Oh, how I love kids' art. LOVE IT. Really I do. All 469 pieces of it that I received as gifts today. I need a bigger fridge. Or a bigger garbage can (Did i just SAY that??).

THIS one, however, is going into the "keep forever" book.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

We should have a bloggy challenge: Who gets the most kid art in one 24-hour period? I bet we could all measure it by the foot. It's CRAZY, isn't it?

But it produces treasure like that. I hear you. It's precious. What's a Mom to do?

Dawn S. said...

Jenny,you must get a couple of color copies of that - one for Great-Gramma's hospital room and one for ME!

Sarah said...

SOOO Cute :) I DO love Matt's hair...I think he should try... it next week with the SPCO! What'da think? :-0

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you're having a better day. The sunny weather helps a bit anyway, right? The art, yes, that's a keeper!

Yvette said...

Oh that is great! Great necklines on the girl's dresses. Do only girls have necks? And I also thought "bumblebee" when I saw Isaac. Does she want her daddy to get a new do? So precious. I'm glad you are out of the dumps.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

What a cute drawing! It's nice to hear I'm not the only one who throws away some of their kids' "art." You know you have to be choosey or you'll have a whole room devoted every picture they've drawn or sentence they've written. Don't worry ... I keep the best stuff!

Kara said...

Loved your child's picture of the fam! Nice!! Thanks for checking out my blog today. I am hoping someone who is in the most need of a "minty" treat will win the giveaway. I hope it's o.k. if I check out your blog too from time to time. Looks really fun!

Jenna said...

all i am going say is that Corene is a REALLY talented artist. oh. and it was easy to figure out who was who. which just underlines my first point.

Amanda said...

What an amazing artist Corene is! Wow. That's quite impressive for her age! I LOVE her Daddy's hair (oh, and your mini-skirt. What fashion-sense you have!)!

BTW, I found your email about your daughter so interesting. I've been meaning to reply for days, but with Andy traveling, I don't get much time at the computer. As i read your email, I was amazed at the similarities between our daughters. It would be interesting to talk more about this later...It IS so encouraging to converse with other mom's who have been/or are going through similar battles with their children. Thank you for sharing about yours!